Thursday, March 24, 2011


Can we put a moratorium on the word "douchebag?"  Yeah, it was fun for a while, but now it feels like I'm a rebellious 15-year-old who just discovered that his father also smokes weed. 


  1. Dude, that was your word of choice for years. You played a part in society's overuse of the term.

    What do you propose as a suitable replacement term?

  2. Hey, I hopped on the bangwagon before it was cool:) I'm always trying to bring Twat back into the everyday lexicon, but it never seems to stick

  3. You were the first to introduce me to that word back in 2002. At the time, I thought it was completely vulgar and I slightly judged you for it. Then I went through a phase were I loved it. I no longer use it. Though I do like douchenugget (not even sure what that would be) and cunt waffle. Not sure why I attach random food items to the words...but it's fun.


  4. I very much agree with Eric. However there is really no other quick way to say "that guy who wears ed hardy and likes UFC." I mean other than saying "Jon Gosselin."