Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What February 7th Means To Me: Microcosms

For the first time in what seems like eons, I ran pain free yesterday.  Something, somewhere in my left foot has been giving me issues lately, making my runs more of a test of mental/physical endurance rather than something I used to consider fun and/or relaxing. I honestly can never pinpoint in the injury, and when someone inquires, I usually just point to my foot in a circular motion, shrug, and suggest that something is wrong.  Sometimes I mention a part of the foot, like the arch, as if I have a clue of what I'm talking about.  But I've been on this Earth long enough to know what pain feels like, so I know it hurts.  But even though my foot was bothering me in the morning, the pain subsided for the run, and I was gliding baby!  Hell, I was like Rocky on his pre-fight run, smiling and waving to anyone who cared.  (Well, not really, but I would have!)

And then, of course, I stepped on a pretty sharp rock.

Now, my foot is a lil bruised up.  Well, that was fun while it lasted!  

But as my buddy Mike says, "at least we have chicken and tits on the internet." 

I've just been looking for an excuse to post this.
But speaking of wieners (what a segue!), during the pain free portion of my run, I came across an opened condom wrapper in the middle of the Von's parking lot.  Anytime I see these, I'm left to wonder what the circumstances were that led to it being discarded in such an odd, public location.  Generally, when a condom wrapper is opened, the sex is had a few moments later, right? I mean, what other use does it have?  Well, I don't think the sex was being had in the Von's parking lot because, even if you wanted to have sex in your car, why the hell would you pick the heavily populated Von's parking lot?  Perhaps some kids were making water balloons?  Perhaps some guy cheated on his wife and this was his way of ridding evidence?  Either way, there's probably not some amazing story behind it, I just clearly have nothing to talk about today.


  1. is the von's parking lot packed at 2am? because that's propbably when people were having sex in it.

  2. Not packed, but its a 24 hour store.