Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What February 8th Means To Me: In Defense Of Gisele

In some ways, I can't believe I'm writing this.  But here goes:

In case you live under a rock, the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots last Sunday in the Super Bowl.  After the game, Tom Brady's supermodel wife (it's hard being Tom!) made some strange comments, to eager reporters, where she not so subtly suggested the reason the Patriots lost the game was because Tom's normally reliable receivers couldn't catch his wonderful passes.  Essentially, she called out the entire Patriot receiving corp in the media, despite the fact that some of those passes Tom threw weren't exactly his finest (which I'm sure he'd admit to, if he hasn't already)

Hey, its tough being rich and famous!
To which I say...context, ladies and gentlemen.

Yes, she did utter the following (taken from the linked ESPN article):

"My husband can not f------ throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can't believe they dropped the ball so many times," the supermodel and wife of the famed quarterback said in a video captured by, a gossip website.  (I bolded the last bit)

It's not as if these comments were quoted from a Monday press conference that Gisele held to attack Tom's teammates.  That statement was uttered immediately after the game when she was pestered by the media for a reaction.  Clearly, she was upset, probably wanted to be left alone, and while we can argue over the importance of her "misery," that is irrelevant.  She knew this meant the world to her husband, and thus to her, and it didn't work out for them.  Obviously her comments make her sound like a baby, but clearly her reactions were visceral and weren't thought out because...she didn't have time to think them through, and probably felt annoyed by the people demanding a reaction. You can make the argument that her comments are the reaction of someone spoiled, but we've all said things we regret when we are upset. 
Yes, she's a public figure, yes, she should know better, and yes, she needs to know that these sorts of comments will be under scrutiny, especially when her and Tom's relationship is already under the Boston microscope (perhaps this is unfair, but it's true).  After all, I know many Boston fans that unfairly think Brady is "non-Boston," because he has houses in LA and NY and, therefore, isn't relatable to the Boston blue collar.  But I'll say this...I hope to God that one day I find a woman who cares that much about my life to be upset over my failures (and lets face it, THERE WILL BE MANY!:)  In some ways, even though her comments are callous, it made their relationship seem more genuine, which I see as a nice thing. 

Sure, there will be some needed damage control, but lets chalk this stupid story up to the 24/7 media's need to create something out of nothing.  She said something dumb out of emotion, and probably should follow it up with some kind of apology.  If she genuinely believes it and won't back off her comments, then I take back everything I said. :)


  1. Tom Brady has not won a Superbowl since he has been married. Could this be why? Sure there are arguments both ways. But come on. Is anyone better at what they do after they marry a super model? Or is the whole goal and drive towards success predicated on achieve a goal, that once achieved, diminishes the fire to win.

    1. haha, i dont know if Brady is the best example because he's played well and, if Welker makes the catch (albiet difficult), then he's a winnder and no one says a thing. Similarly, in the last game against the Giants, if Tyree doesnt make that miracle Catch, Brady is a God (even though that moment had nothing to do with him). He seems just as intense as he always has been!

      Also, i believe Andy Roddick's career took off again after her married Brooklyn Decker. I was convinced he practiced more just to get out of the house. But he's not that good of a player and came back down to earth again!

  2. When you're a super model named Brooklyn this rule does not apply :)