Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What February 18th-22nd Means To Me: Random Thoughts

Just some random thoughts from the last few days:

Tetanus Shots Fucking Hurt:  I had the pleasure of stepping on a nail during a run this past weekend, total fail.  Went right through my shoe and everything.  I actually didn't think it was a big deal because it only barely broke my skin, and I stopped just short of putting the nail under a microscope to inspect it for possible rust that my untrained eye couldn't detect anyway.  But co-workers scared me into, at least, calling the "nurses hotline" to get a professional opinion, and the professional opinion was "you don't want to DIE, do you?"

Seriously.  She then slowly explained how my body would deteriorate, organ by organ, if I didn't get a tetanus shot ASAP.  I suddenly had this vision of myself collapsing in the hallway, losing control of my bowels, and shaking uncontrollably on the gross carpet.  I figured my co-workers wouldn't appreciate that, and since dying wasn't exactly on the agenda, I now have a severely sore arm from the shot...even though the foot injury stopped bothering me hours after it occurred.  Better safe than sorry, I suppose.

The Voice:  I watched the NBC singing competition for the first time this weekend, and I have just one question. Does that Dude (who is not Adam, Cee-Lo, or Christina) always stare down the contestants, like a lion would its prey, after he presses the approval button? 

I Have This Annoying Habit:  As a song is ending on the radio, I reflexively change the channel.  I have no idea why, it's not as if the station is going off the air, and there might actually be a song I would like to hear coming on next.  On a similar note, how satisfying is it, even in the age of the iPod, when a song you really want to hear comes on the radio, and you get to hear it in its entirety? It's a small victory. And how much does it suck when you are flipping stations and catch just the last 20 seconds of that song? Total suckage. I think these feelings are the last vestiges from the days where the only way to get a recorded version of a song was to drive to Tower and buy the entire album, or wait for it to come on the radio, drop everything, and press record on your waiting blank tape.  Remember this?

Sorry, but Wild Wild West by Escape Club just came on the radio! MUST RECORD!!!!!!!!!!
And then we'd wear it out on our huge walkmen with graphic equalizers or whatever. How did we ever live without iPhones?

Did You Know Von's Has Sommeliers?:  Me either.  Till this weekend when the one near my house absolutely pwned my friend when he criticized her wine choices.  Twas awesome. 

Life's Too Short:  So far, I'm into Ricky Gervais's new sitcom/mockumentary about Warwick Davis (the small star from Willow), who plays a fictional version of himself.  Funny stuff.

How Fucking Awful Does "Project X" Look?:  When I originally heard about this movie, I thought it was actually a remake of that 80's Matthew Broderick flick about the flying chimpanzees in a secret army program (an odd choice for a remake, but they've made stranger).  Then I saw the commercial and realized it was just a piece of shit meant to be held directly under the noses of the lowest common denominator.  Seriously, it looks like a less charming, dumber, raunchier version of Superbad, and they hit all the beats in the commercial:  big party, hot girls in little clothing, a car in a pool, binge drinking, and of course, a midget in a stove.  Because when in a need of a joke, always go to a midget in a stove.  Mouthbreathers love to laugh at stoves.  I look forward to their set piece involving retarded children line dancing to Kanye.  I haven't seen it, but fuck this movie.

I Just Got A Text Informing Me "Hunger Games" Tix Are On Sale:  Yeah, that's right.  I'm actually not even sure I ever signed up for such a notice, but I'm glad I got it.  I'm gonna have to write a post about The Hunger Games kind of soon, hmmm.

Footage Of Me Watching The Season Premiere Of The Amazing Race On Sunday:

How I missed you.

That's it. 

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  1. wasnt the defranco planet of the apes remake the remake of project X?