Thursday, February 2, 2012

What February 2nd Means To Me: Super Bowl's Comin'

Today is actually Groundhog's day, right?  Who cares, I live in Los Angeles, every day is more or less the same. 

Anyway, because Eli Manning is in the Super Bowl and his brother, Peyton's, future is in question due to a complicated neck injury, ESPN has brought back one of my favorite commercials featuring the two:

I know people have Manning hate, but I am not one of em.  They seem like good dudes.  Plus, lets not forget Peyton also brought us this SNL gem. 

I have no real, football related pre-game thoughts worth speaking about, so I won't bore you with them.  However, I do hope that my trip to and from my Super Bowl party remains car accident free this year.  Last year, some "gentleman" wasn't paying attention and rear ended me on the highway when he failed to notice that traffic had slowed.  Then, in his infinite wisdom, claimed to his insurance company that he was pushed into me by a car that sideswiped him.  So, yes, for a brief moment in time, he suggested the laws of physics were suspended and that an independent side collision forced him FORWARD into my car with such force that I was propelled into the car in front of me.  Ahhh, it was good times on the side of the road that night, but lets hope there's no reunion. 

Here are some random Super Bowl thoughts:

If you ever wondered what a "High Ankle Sprain" is, tune into the Super Bowl because you'll be an expert once it's done.  - Patriot tight end (and best receiving weapon) Rob Gronkowski has one, it's a very limiting injury, and I think the over/under on how many times it'll be mentioned is about 75. (Vegas have a number on this? It should).

You will be disappointed by the Super Bowl commercials.  - Mostly because people suck and create unrealistic expectations.  They just want to be BLOWN AWAY by an advertisement, but since they are expecting to, they won't be. By the way, I believe that Matthew Broderick/Ferris commercial for Honda will air and, yes, it's funny and clever, though many will think its not because they are nostalgia sucking whores.  And that's putting it lightly.  Also, be prepared to hear "I don't care about the game, I just care about the commercials tee hee" 65,000 times from your peers.   It's my fav Superbowl Cliche.

Do People Really Care About The Super Bowl Halftime Show - Madonna is this year's act, and the answer is probably yes.  Though I'm not sure why, it always seems to be a shitshow.  However, some offshore betting hub posted a prop bet about the color of Madonna's hair.  You can either bet Blond or the Field (don't recall the odds).  I'll go with blond. 

If The Giants Win...Be Prepared For The Retarded "Who is better: Peyton or Eli Argument."
As if football is played in an even vacuum and outside forces don't affect performance.  But, yes, I understand humans like order and there will be an attempt to create some.  But let me save you all the trouble and tell you now that there will be no consensus. 

How many diet cokes will I drink?  Probably a lot.  Lets put the over under at 4.  Cancer here we come.

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