Monday, March 14, 2011

Michele Bachmann: Asshole

I have a message for Michele Bachmann:
You’re a twat.  First class.
No, I'm not above insults. 

I crazy..but at least I'[m looking into the camera this time
While some of you may know her from her batshit declarations, such as the cute one in which she compared the Census to WW2 internment camps, most may remember her as the strange Minnesota representative who gave the “Tea Party Response” to January’s State Of The Union address, where she spent her hour of insanity looking into the wrong camera ( as if it were possible to be even more creepy.)  But this isn’t actually a post about Bachmann because that would probably run too long and end with me dramatically sweeping all the contents off my desk in frustration as I audibly wonder how in the world actual human beings elected this lobotomized soccer Mom into the House of Representatives. 

Arguably the most annoying thing about Bachmann (and there are many) is her allegiance towards an organization even more ridiculous and non-sensical than she is: the Birther Movement.  She recently stated the following on Jeff Katz’s conservative talk show regarding what she would do if she were to run for President of the United States:

"I think the first thing I would do in the first debate is offer my birth certificate so we can get that off the table."
Barack Obama thanks you for the "sly" insult. 
While I’d probably want to see it to ensure she’s not from Saturn, the thinly veiled racist birther movement is silly beyond the fact that there is a vast amount of people in the USA who question whether or not Hawaii is a state.  But let’s set aside the fact that the only reason to challenge Obama’s birthplace to is clearly declare him as an “other” (much in the same way they do when he’s called a “communist”), the question is, even if Obama was born in another country, should it matter?

While it’s clearly stated in the Constitution that the President must be born within the country’s borders, the question remains whether or not this is even relevant anymore.  The Tea Party loves to quote the Constitution as hardened gospel much like hardcore Christians do the bible, but the Constitution was written in the late 1700’s, where society was hardly reflective of our current one.  While the document was obviously written to be flexible, and I agree that someone only with intimate knowledge of what it is to be American should eligible to be President, Obama’s original birthplace is irrelevant to his capabilities as a leader.  He clearly spent most of his years living in the United States and cut his political teeth in our government.  For argument’s sake, if he had been born in a foreign country, but moved here at a very young age, is he suddenly a different person who is unqualified?  Today's world is much more interconnected than it was a couple hundred years ago, thus knowledge of different cultures should actually be a must when engaging on this fairly new playing field.

If you have real qualms about Obama’s leadership qualities or policy proposals, then by all means be critical, but harping on whether or not he was born within the borders of the USA makes you petty, not to mention, intolerant.  Though I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering many from this group also believe he’s a secret Muslim terrorist sent from Allah to destroy the United States from within.  NPR executives may have gotten in trouble by calling the Tea Party a “racist” movement, but until they stop aligning themselves with such crazy people as Bachmann, what else are we supposed to believe? 

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