Tuesday, September 11, 2012

SO neglecting the blog!

There are a number of things that I'd like to write about, but when I sit down to actually do so, the subjects become overwhelming, and then I just punt it for some later date that I may or may not get to.  So, I figured I'd make a list of things I'd LIKE to write about, and hopefully will do in the near future.

1) I just entered a contest to be a Pambassador.

They advertised this as a chance to hug a Panda bear.  Sounds fun, I'm in.  A few years ago I considered taking a trip to China to do just that.  Well, that and clean up after it (ie shovel shit?).  Anyway, apparently you'd also have to become some sort of spokesman for Panda preservation, which I have little to no interest in doing.  Panda Bears actually have little interest in self survival and we continue to ensure it because it makes WWF a lot of money (probably partially true).  But they are adorable and are peaceful to look at, so I'm all for hugging one. 

2) I get to root for Peyton Manning.  How cool is that?

Very cool, Brett

That was a clinic on Sunday.  Yes, I loved watching Tim Tebow QB the Broncos, but the second we signed Peyton, fucked up neck and all, I was ecstatic for this season.  How awesome was it to see Pittsburgh try to disguise their blitzes only to have Peyton step back from the line like an annoyed parent waiting out a screaming child?  He's all...

Done yet? You're just wasting your time, and now I'm gonna miss that episode of Breaking Bad because you won't stop.

 Very awesome. 

3) Bavarian Countryside.

Why does no one ever talk about this place when discussing Euro vacations?  I really need to write more about this.

4) Meme Generators

I'm gonna have so much fun?

5) Worst pic of me of all time?

Uh yeah...

Talk about awful timing on that. 

5) New Book!

It has a beginning, a middle, and an end....and it's coming slowly but surely.  Hopefully it'll be done at some point before the year 2080.  And promises to be much diff from the last one. 

Anyway, hopefully more to come soon! 

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