Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tebow And How The Broncos Are Screwing Things Up

And he's single, ladies!
One of the major storylines of this NFL training camp is the self-inflicted wound the Denver Broncos decided to give themselves in regards to their quarterback situation.  Last year, rookie and number one draft pick Tim Tebow played well enough in his final three starts that he was the assumed starting Broncos quarterback for the 2011 season.  Since the Broncos also have capable, sturdy Kyle Orton on their roster, it was widely assumed the Broncos would trade Orton to make room for Tebow.  When the lockout was lifted, this suspicion was confirmed as Denver successfully shopped Orton and struck a deal with the Miami Dolphins, only to discover that Miami and Orton couldn't agree on a new contract and the trade was contingent upon that happening.  Simply put, Orton was still a Bronco.

So, shit happens, but the Broncos decided to make it ten times worse when they opened up training camp and had Orton take snaps with the starting team, all the while still trying to trade him.  And, of course, Orton looks better than Tebow in training camp because 1) Tebow isn't a great practice player, though steps up in games and 2) Orton always looks good in practice because there is no pressure and he throws a crisp ball in shorts and a t-shirt.  Of course, the media has latched onto this and now judges every single practice pass the two of them throw and, of course, give heavy opinions on their fate based on these controlled environments.  They have to sell papers after all, so they aren't afraid to sling their bullshit.  And if you think this has no effect on the players, you're wrong. 

This is stupid for two reasons.  1) If Orton is on the Broncos roster come week one, the starting quarterback (no matter who it is) will constantly be looking over their shoulder with each bad play, creating more chaos for an already chaotic position.  2) and this is something that I think plagues many pro teams, the Broncos are terrible and have little shot at winning the Super Bowl these next two years, which obviously is the ultimate goal of playing.  With this in mind, the Broncos should circle 2014 as the season they expect to be in the Super Bowl.  Using this mindset, any player who they believe might contribute to the 2014 cause should get playing time immediately so they can grow and improve properly.  Any short term fix (in this case Orton) that may retard a possible long term solution (in this case Tebow) should not be entertained.  We already know Orton's limitations and his lack of future with the Denver Broncos.  What is the point of starting him to strive for a 7-9 season?  There's none.

There is still a week before the first preseason game and, in my mind, a week to trade Orton.  It doesn't matter if Orton happens to be outplaying Tebow in training camp or if they think Orton may have the ability to help the Broncos win an extra game or two this year (a debatable opinion.)  The day they brought him back and suggested he'd be the starter, after attempting to trade him, was the day the coaching staff caused unnecessary chaos.

Not to mention, Broncos fans don't care to see another season of Orton.  They really need to figure this out.

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