Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Worst (Best) Local Commercial!

A friend of mine recently brought the below to my attention and I have to say, what a fine commercial.


And by fine....I mean completely absurd (yet hilarious). But it made me think of other local commercials from my childhood that, at the time, seemed normal, but now are just hilarious. Of  course, anyone born in NYC during the 70-80's remembers the below:

But perhaps my favorite NYC local commercial from the 1980's was for the now defunct electronics outlet "Newmark And Lewis."  


Though the commercial is great for many reasons (like the first scene), the company's tagline "Dick Lewis Is Watching" is just strange.  What is Dick Lewis watching exactly?  Falling prices?  The competition?  Every single move you make in his store?  Big Brother Dick Lewis, should we be scared?  Regardless, it did lead to a great local joke often uttered in the hallways of my elementary school:

Why can't you go to the bathroom in "Newmark And Lewis?"

Cause Dick Lewis is watching.  

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  1. I think it's interesting that the two electronics companies with iconic commercials totally lost out to B&H and J&R. I'll assume it's a jewish conspiracy.