Monday, August 13, 2012

What August 13th Means To Me: Random Thoughts

Some quick random weekend thoughts!

1) Paul Ryan as VP?:

One word comes to mind:  Rich asshole picks runningmate who loves supporting rich assholes.  Oh wait, that's nine.  Desperation.  OK, that's one.  Often times, if a race is close, a candidate will choose a runningmate from a battleground state in an effort to gain voters in that important area.  That is, unless they feel they are fighting a losing battle and need a "gamechanger."  Does this sound familiar...Sarah Palin?  Now, to be fair, Paul Ryan is not an idiot, and he's a pretty skilled politician.  Joe Biden will have his work cut out for him in the debates.  But Paul Ryan's signature imprint on Washington is his utterly Draconian (and incredibly unrealistic) budget plan that promises to revamp Medicare, privatize Social Security, and shrink all other expenses (infrastructure, military, FBI) to less than 4 percent of the GDP (when, currently, those "others" make up over 12...good luck).  During special elections, Democrats used the budget plan in attack ads to gain seats in traditional republican districts.  Not to mention, old white people were the only demo that had a McCain majority in 2008...and now Romney selects a guy looking to tweak Medicare?  Hmmm...curious choice.  They are getting desperate, methinks.

2) Celeste and Jesse Forever:

Saw this over the weekend.  I liked it.  Never been a huge Andy Samberg fan, but he and Rashida Jones are awesome together.  It's probably trying to be the new 500 Days Of Summer, and it's not, but I thought it was a nice twist on the romcom.  Though not everyone in my theater agreed, judging by the dim comments I heard while walking back to the parking structure.  The Vaseline scene is worth the price of admission alone. 

3) Breaking Bad

The train scene?  Think it took a year off my life. I hate when television makes me so nervous.  The last time I was that nervous watching TV was that episode of Six Feet Under when the crack addict kidnapped David.  Remember that shit? 

4) I got sunburn!


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