Monday, March 19, 2012

What March 16th-19th Mean To Me: Weekend Thoughts

How was your weekend?  Good?

Sweet.  Just a few thoughts about mine:

More Old Reminders!   I spent the vast majority of my weekend doing work in various cafes in an effort to keep my surroundings fresh.  During the Saturday night dinner hour, I overheard the following conversation between four friends who appeared to be in their mid 20's.

Friend 1: So I've been watching this old show on Netflix.  It's called Cheers.
Friend 2: What's that?
Friend 1: You know, have you ever seen the show Frasier?
Friend 3: Oh!!! Right right. I know that show.  What's that show about again?
Friend 1: It's about this guy that owns this bar.  (That's what Sam Malone has been reduced to).
Friend 2: Cool, was that show popular?
Friend 1: I'm not sure actually. 

That just speaks for itself.

Walking Dead:  I haven't watched it yet, so I can't tell you what parts of it sucked this week.

Nastia Liukin:  She looks pretty cute these days, must be all that Subway she's eating.  Eat fresh and all.  Still, I swear that characters in Street Fighter scream her name before they release that ball of fire attack. 

Hunger Games:  This friday! WOOO! 

Amazing Race:  The race stopped through Bavaria this weekend, and now I'd really like to go to Bavaria.  I always knew many fairy tales originated from there, but never actually saw footage of the small towns that exist within that old German region.  A lot of my Euro fascination comes from childhood interest in fairy tales, and as I've said, part of my Swedish interest is based on false information I got long ago that claimed many fairy tales were set in Sweden.  Regardless, after seeing these quaint towns, I want to go.  Maybe the next vacation.

It Looks Like, as of a few min ago, Peyton Manning is a Bronco.  If this is true, I'm bustin, Jerry, I'm bustin!!!

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