Monday, March 5, 2012

What March 3rd - 5th Means To Me: Weekly Walking Dead Hate

Shortly after "The Walking Dead" aired this week, I noticed the following on a friend's Facebook thread:  "I stopped watching a few episodes ago, but let me guess. Lots of talking. Talking talking talking. A philosophical conversation about life, god, how the world is now. Even more boring, poorly written talking. And then a zombie attack at the end."

Wow, pretty much exactly. 

Except this week we lost the "voice of reason," Dale.  I guess we'll have to find a replacement "V.O.R." to tut-tut around the farm spewing morality.  But once again the show threaded its dull needle through the show's most boring character, Carl.  When Dale tried to convince Rick to spare the "prisoner's" life, whose name did he invoke?

When Rick was seconds away from killing said prisoner in the barn, who interrupted the execution with his approval?

And when Dale was finally slaughtered by that persistent Zombie, who felt responsible because he may or may not have lured the walker to the farm?

Yep...yet another episode of AMC's "The Walking Dead!"  Did anyone else's nipples stiffen with delight during the scene in the woods when Carl almost became that muddy zombie's dinner? I actually deluded myself into thinking they might kill him off (and violently), but then remembered that the Walking Dead is the safest show on TV, and they wouldn't dare. They really need a new trick because the age old "do it for the children" routine is stale.  Actually, it was never fresh to begin with, though the Walking Dead drinks from that pond like the show is the Sahara and Carl is the only oasis. 

Also, the Walking Dead has a habit of creating "important moments" through incredibly forced and unnatural motivations.  Dale was slaughtered by the zombie because, for some reason, he decided to take a midnight stroll on the perimeter of the farm.  Earlier, Dale was upset because his opinion on the execution was overruled, but, regardless, why was he storming around like a petulant child? Where the hell was he going?  Similarly, Glenn and Herschel's conversation in which Herschel gives him a family heirloom was just...amazing.  And by amazing I mean amazingly shitty. From his deeply unnatural "check-in" on Herschel's other daughter (who is still "sick" in bed) to the "heartfelt" passing of the torch of Maggie's keeper...ugh, the whole thing was a bigger mess than the guts coming out of the side of the dead cow that Dale happened upon moments before his demise.

Also, a weekly suck award can also go out to Andrea, as her Annie Oakley persona is getting old quick.  I did enjoy the fact that she eventually sided with Dale, showing an inkling of humanity, and maybe she can carry that torch from now on.

T-bone showed up this week!  Is that his name?  T-bone?

How many more weeks till Game Of Thrones again???


  1. I wasn't sure where to post this but wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book. It has been quite awhile since I have read something and couldn't put it down because I enjoyed it not only because I HAD to know what happened next. I hope to see many more books written by you. On another note I would have loved to find out if Mr. Fong showed up?

    1. Thanks Summer! I really appreciate that, glad you enjoyed it. I'd like to think Ronald showed up, but had he not, I'm sure Clarissa would have been on the next day and found some reasonable facsimile :)