Monday, June 4, 2012

What June 1st-4th Means To Me: Random Weekend Thoughts

Some Random Weekend Thoughts:

Good Basketball Games:  The NBA Conference Finals are in full swing, and we were treated to a great one last night between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics.  I did realize one major thing while watch though: no matter what LeBron James does, people will hate.  He had yet another historic regular season that we, as fans, have taken for granted, and has continued his great play through the playoffs.  He was a bit off last night (though still put up 29 points), but hit a huge, game tying three pointer in the final minute of regulation, which flew in the face of all his critics that say he's "not clutch."  Though, once the game was over, all these critics crowed about is how he didn't take the last shot of regulation (it would have been terribly forced), how he's not Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, or anyone else he's sometimes compared to.  Just let him be LeBron James.  We sometimes put too much of a premium on winning championships to decide a players value.  That's a really fine line, not to mention basketball is a team sport.  If Dwayne Wade sinks that last three pointer in overtime, giving Miami a commanding 3-1 lead, it shouldn't affect how we view LeBron James (who had fouled out at that point), but people will simplify it as such.  Peyton Manning actually made great point about this the other day.  He was telling the story of his great comeback drive at the end of the 2006/7 AFC Championship against the Patriots.  It was an epic drive, one that eventually lead to a Super Bowl victory, but he astutely observed that it would have been completely forgotten had Tom Brady drove down the field shortly after for a game winning score.  Even though Peyton doesn't play defense, and would have zero to do with an opponent's drive, he'd still be labeled a "loser" and a guy "who can't step up to win the big one."  This sort of stuff drives me crazy. 

Found iPhone:  Every once in a while, the universe puts you in a situation to remind you that you are human and generally not a great person. While running back from the gym yesterday morning, I found an iPhone 4S on the sidewalk, and my first thought wasn't "let's find the owner," it was "ooh, what can I do with a second iPhone."  Actually my first thought was to look around to see if anyone was around, but I assumed the homeless guy in the distance wasn't it's true owner.  Fortunately for me, my evil thoughts didn't last long, and I quickly texted the last person the owner did to help return the phone, which was done within the next hour.

I also realized how incredibly personal someone's phone is.  It's like finding someone's diary...except maybe worse.  While trying to find the best person to contact, I learned this woman had a husband and a kid.  I learned she was late on her rent and might need to find a new place to live.  I learned that she has a contentious relationship with said husband.  I learned she likes crafts, never returns her mother's phone calls (several unchecked messages), she just got a new job, and that it was also her birthday.  If I ever lose my phone, I kind of hope it just dies and no one has access to all that info.

Game Of Thrones Finale:  Awesome.  Awesome.  Now what do I do Sundays at 9pm?  Also, was I the only person with stiff nipples after the dragons burned Michael Stipe to a crisp in the house of the undying (or whatever its called)?  Probably not!  Plus, what was with Jaqen?  White walkers!  Ahhh, I might have to read these books after all. 

Girls: The HBO show, not the gender.  Good episode.  Though how cool would it be to have Marnie's Facebook?  Sure, we were supposed to be concentrating on the fact that she was crying over her ex-boyfriend's pictures with his new girlfriend, but all I could think was how lucky she was to have SIXTEEN new messages in her inbox.  Not to mention a friend request!  If I ever woke up to sixteen messages in my inbox, I'd immediately think I won the lottery and somehow was never told.  Now, I'm sure the writers gave her that many messages for a reason, but I do wonder what the reason was.

New Book:  I've been working on a new book for the past few months, and with each passing day it scares me a little more because the story keeps growing and growing.  I'm not sure it's a good thing either, because I'm not positive that it all makes sense.  But I hope it does, because I think it has potential to be really good.  But it wouldn't be the first story I've fucked up if it doesn't!

Insomnia:  I have it.  It's horrible.  I took sleeping pills last night and spent most of the evening tossing and turning while feeling incredibly drowsy.  Quite a crappy feeling.  And my co-worker just asked me if I slept at all this weekend.  Happy Monday, Brett

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