Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What June 6th Means To Me: Sports Snobbin'

One of the great things about sports is its ability to bring likeminded people together for an exciting moment.  Last night, at the gym, several people slowly halted their workouts and arched their necks towards the television to watch the final two minutes of the tense Heat/Celtics playoff game.  We all shared an "ohh" when Pierce hit his jumper, perhaps an "ahh" when Garnett nailed the game sealing free throw, and then resumed our activities once the final buzzer sounded. 

But, within groups like this, there's always one asshole who is a little louder than the rest.  And, when I watch Broncos games, I'm probably that asshole. I get into it, you bet. I was screaming during all Tebow's comebacks this past year.  I often watch games with my friend Rebecca, and I'm not sure how she puts up with me half the time.  I become a different person. But, at leas,t I'm an asshole that's a huge fan. I know shit. There's nothing worse than when that asshole is horrifically unknowledgable, and is just getting caught up in the fact that it's playoff time (or whatever), but pretends that he's the biggest fan in the room.  And I know all big sports fans will agree.

Last night, within the crowd, there was one, very loud individual, wearing his Rajon Rondo t-shirt and screaming at anyone who would listen (or wouldn't). But here's the reality:

1) If he was a huge Celtics fan, as he claimed, he would have been watching game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals ...anywhere but the gym.

2) He'd know basic basketball rules.

3) He'd know Kevin Garnett isn't a bad foul shooter.  "Oh no, they fouled our worst foul shooter!" he exclaimed at the end of the game.  Wholly untrue. That one actually got a lot of eyerolls. 

4) He'd know Kendrick Perkins and Glen Davis haven't been on the team for quite a while.  Actually he didnt even know their names, he just referred to them as "one of our bigger fat guys."  I just assumed thats who he meant because no one else on the current Celtic team fits that description.

Does this make me a snobby a-hole?  Of course.  And I have no problems with casual sports fans, I just take issue when they pretend like it's life and death to them when it's clearly not. 

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