Monday, June 18, 2012

What June 18th Means To Me: Random Weekend Thoughts

I Barely Watched TV All Weekend: No, I suddenly didn't get a life, there just wasn't much to watch.  Oh, I guess the world finally found out who killed Rosie Larsen on "The Killing."  But I also suppose I don't even care, considering I just remembered this fact right now.  Does anyone even still watch that show?  Another thing thats weird:  turning on House Hunters and discovering the subject is a kid you grew up with. 

5 Cups Of Coffee + One Diet Coke + 3 Glasses of Water In One Lunch = Peeing!  And a lot of it. 

Ghost Pianos: So, the Ghost Piano at the Magic Castle, which apparently has an encyclopedic knowledge of songs, doesn't know Downeaster Alexa?  What's the point of being a ghost piano if you can't play a tune about the plight of Long Island fishermen?  By the way, if you want to make that movie "The Perfect Storm" more enjoyable, just sing that song throughout the entire film. 

Memoryfoam Bed: I need one.  I was waiting for my friend to make a decision on endtables while at a furniture store on Melrose, and spent the time laying on one of their beds.  I didn't want to get up.  Ever.  Who wouldn't want to be hugged everynight by the warmth of form-fit?  I wish I wasn't so lazy; I'd buy more things I need.

Buffets: I can never get enough.  I just need to have ALL THE THINGS.

Bad Lyrics:  I should do a whole post about this, but it always surprises me when songs written by multiple people rhyme lines with the same word. 

Adding: Malaysia to the places I'd like to visit.  Australia too.

I Get To Dog-sit Next Week:  Puppehs!  I'm excited that I must accompany the dogs while they play in the backyard, not to entertain them, but to protect them from hawks and coyotes.  Yeah, the chances are low, but I'd like to think if a coyote entered the yard, I could take it with a large stick.  Vegas should put some odds on that. 

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  1. may i suggest a memory foam topper? they're pretty cheap on overstock.