Monday, June 11, 2012

What June 11th Means To Me: Random Thoughts

Sunday Night TV:

Another weekend, another finale, as MadMen's morbid 5th season came to a close.  There is a ton to discuss this season, mostly Don's power struggle with himself, his age, and his all-too-quick evolving world, but I give kudos to the season finale for making me laugh at something normally reserved for an eye-roll:  two dogs humping.  Sure, Peggy's business trip to tour a tobacco company isn't exactly traveling to Paris, but it is a baby step in the growth of her career.  When she looks out the window of her shabby motel, hoping to see an Eiffel tower-esque view, the sight of two dogs humping makes for a poor substitute. But it's something. She knows this is one of those things she'll one day laugh about while sharing the distant memory during a cocktail party at some fancy European hotel in a fancier European city. 

Speaking of distant memories, I'm excited for AMC's lesser show, The Killing, to become one.  I stick around because I'm a glutton for punishment I want to know who killed Rosie Larson, but I've actually started fast forwarding through her family's plot line, which feels more like that artificial pink slime meat filler than anything of substance.  As if the writers of the show can only come up with 40 minutes worth of police plotline, so they have to fill remaining time with Rosie's parents talking about how hard it's been for the boys.  I did, however, pause long enough to see Tommy's "muslim woman" halloween costume...though I think he was supposed to be a ninja.  Well, he was carrying some sort of sword anyway.

Another good episode of Girls last night!  HBO's logline for the episode was "Shoshanna goes out on a date."  The simplicity of the line was intriguing, and any fan of the show could understand why, but the episode really wasn't about Shoshanna at all.  In fact, I think she only appeared in one scene where she not-so-casually mentioned she's going on one. 

Big Sports Weekend:

Miami Heat in the finals: LeBron's great play bought him a couple days of critical silence.  I'm sure they'll be back to blast him after the Heat's next loss.

Manny Pacquiao:  I didn't watch the fight, but did see the highlights of him controlling it.  I also saw that he outpunched Bradley in virtually every round.  So ... how did Bradley win the decision?  I don't know why I'm constantly surprised by boxing's corruption.

Los Angeles Kings: They came into the weekend up 3-0 in the Stanley Cup final series, and leave it up 3-2.  I look forward to the Kings completely blowing it, and LA pretending to be upset for a while before they forget about it.

Euro 2012: I'm surprised I'm interested as much as I am. 


My neck hurts.

It's been an exciting weekend. 

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