Friday, April 27, 2012

What April 27th Means To Me: Geekin' Out

I enjoy a good geek out as much as the next person.  After all, I watch the entire NFL draft, as if I have a say in the selections (and can't wait for rounds 2-3 today), I've been to a LOST discussion panel (and friggin' loved it), and I've spent way too much time reading and considering Panem's economy, even though it's a fictional country in the distant future.  In high school, my buddy and I created a Saved By The Bell multiple choice test (using some testing software he had), which was so difficult that I don't remember anyone passing.  For example:

What was Screech's mother's religion?

A) Jewish
B) Methodist
C) Presbyterian
D) Who Gives A Shit, You Fucking Loser

(answers are B...and D).

I'd say I also did cool things in high school, but I was probably too busy creating the 90210 version of the test, which was, regrettably, significantly easier. 

But did you know 200 colleges around the country have Quidditch teams?  And, apparently, there's a Quidditch World Cup?

In case you're that one person who has either never read or watched Harry Potter, this is Quidditch:

And is this:

The fictional game of Quidditch is played airborne, with the aid of magic brooms, and, I suppose, is somewhat similar to soccer.  The game also features an interesting wrinkle which involves a highly elusive, golf ball sized "snitch" that is sought after by the "seeker" throughout the entire game.  If the seeker catches the speedy snitch, he gets points, or wins the match, or gets laid, I don't remember, but it's an important part of the game...and one that cannot be replicated in real life.  It also always seemed like an arbitrary aspect of Quidditch, but I digress...

So, what is college Quidditch?  Well, it appears to be a bunch of idiots running around with a broom between their legs....chasing some guy with a tennis ball in a sock that's attached to his running shorts (this "lucky guy" is the snitch, which doesn't seem all that fun since this person, by design, is not on any team and just runs around like a schmuck.  If you were playing a game of pick up Quidditch in the backyard with friends, you'd probably force your little brother to be the snitch.) 

I shouldn't be mean or judgemental, but once the novelty of running around with a broom between your legs for an hour is over, doesn't this seem like the type of activity left for storybooks?  Plus, isn't that uncomfortable and kind of dangerous?  People obviously enjoy it, there's a friggin' World Cup for crissakes, but ummm...yeah, I guess I am passing judgement. 

Anyway, speaking of geeking out...if anyone wants to buy me this ...

You are my Khaleesi...mother of dragons!
...for my birthday next week, I will proudly display it on the coffee table of my apartment.  What a conversation piece!

Have a good weekend, everyone. 


  1. I remember your test better than you :)

    The question was what is Zack Morris' religion?

    Answer comes from Screeches response to someone calling Zack a jerk and a hypocrite.

    "No he's not...he's a Methodist". We're not supposed to challenge why the class nerd wouldn't know the definition of hypocrite.

    I'll go hang myself now.

  2. I don't think you're remembering that correctly, though you have the basics down. I think someone asked screech a question about his Mom, and his response was "no, she's not, she's a methodist." I'm almost positive? Is there some way we can find out for sure?



      Your first mistake was doubting me!

    2. 8 minutes! OK, ill just take your word for it. Well done!