Friday, April 20, 2012

What April 20th Means To Me: Random Thoughts

1) I guess today is 4/20, do people still smoke copious amounts of dope today?  (Yes, I used the word "dope" because it makes me laugh).  I've never actually tried it before, which is especially surprising considering I've been raised with a generation that's embraced it, I went to a college nicknamed "weed," and I've listened to the Chronic many times.  Perhaps the DARE program worked on me?  Ya know, to keep the kids off drugs and all. 

2) If I had one superpower, I'd choose teleportation.  Flying would be a close second, but the idea of being able to travel in and out of any situation at the snap of a finger is appealing.  How cool would it be to sit at work all day and, I dunno, have lunch on a beach in Australia, only to be back before the afternoon bullshit?  Then again, if I could teleport, I wonder if there was a way of monetizing that ability. There has to be, right?  Maybe I could be the world's best courier.  Also, would I be able to take people with me if they were hugging me during transport?  These are important questions. 

3)  If I could play one professional sport, it would be basketball.  Football is my favorite sport by far, but the idea of walking after I'm 40 is appealing, so I prefer to watch other people bash their heads in for my enjoyment.  Basketball is a fun, healthy activity, even though I'd look ridiculously small on the court. 

4) It seems like half the songs on the radio I feel the need to identify using "Shazam" are Linkin Park songs.  I should be long past the age of being embarrassed by such things, but there's always a twinge of "aww really," when the band name/song title is revealed post tag. 

5) I overheard someone say "If you give me herpes, I'm gonna find it in the car" at Starbucks.  I really must have heard that wrong.  I hope

6) Why do people air their dirty laundry on Facebook?  Seems like the closer our society comes, the lonelier we get.

7) I strongly suggest that every iPhone user change their text tone to "Sherwood Forest."  Each time it rings, it feels like you're about to read a message from the King.  Thank me later.

8)  The restricted TED trailer is hilarious.  Not sure they can keep this up for 90 minutes, but I'm more than willing to give it a shot. 

9)  Speaking of furry things being nasty...

10)  Have a good weekend, everyone. 

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