Monday, April 9, 2012

What April 9th Means To Me: Random Thoughts

Here's some random thoughts from a weekend away:

Overhead Bins:  The overhead bins that line the aisles of an airplane are deceptively spacious.  And someone needs to tell the airline this.  I generally fly Delta (without complaint), but their "bin tester" (for lack of a better term) is barely wide enough to hold my wallet, let alone my bag.  Yet the employees use it as an incredibly inaccurate measuring stick and force you to check bags that won't fit into it, even though they'd slide into the actual overhead with ease.  Is this done on purpose because they know there won't be enough space on full flights?  Conspiracy!!!!!!

Priority Boarding/Security:  I generally have few complaints about traveling and, more specifically, the airport, but I have to admit the security line often makes me antsy. I know I'm not the only one that thinks this because the general malaise around the these long meandering lines is obvious. Delta (and I think a few other airlines) allow anyone with their miles credit card to skip the big lines, which is worth the annual fee itself.  Yet I'm always surprised when the flight attendants ask if anyone would like to sign up for the card, there are few takers.  We all use credit cards anyway, might as well sign up for an Amex with tangible perks.

Things We Learn About Our Parents:  Apparently when my father was 7, he was on something called The Joe DiMaggio Show, which was some 15 minute local program for children featuring the Yankee great in the early 1950's.  Dad correctly answered a question (he could not recall what it was) and won a years supply of cheap pasta.   You would have thought it would have come up at some point in my 33 years of living.  For some reason this story filled me with the power of lulz. 

Time Passes:  I attended my first passover sedar in about a decade, and my have things have changed.  While the location was the same and the people were generally the same, the other "kids" my age now have kids themselves.  I don't really know how to articulate thoughts about it other than it's interesting.  Also, I'm not sure if the sight of four screaming infants makes me want kids more or less. #thingswethinkaboutwhenweareolder

Catching Up With Old Friends Is Cool:  Don't really have anything to add other than that.

I Think I'm Coming Down With A Cold:  That sucks.

Game Of Thrones: Should use a soap opera format with new episodes five days a week.  Even when nothing special happens, I'm captivated by the show. 


  1. I take it you made it back home from New York then :)