Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What April 17th Means To Me: Names

Marlo Stanfield, the fictional drug kingpin from HBO's The Wire, once memorably stated "my name is my name," upon discovering his reputation was sullied on the streets of Baltimore.  He knew his name equated power, it was the thing that truly identified him.

Names are funny like that; really they are just two random words, but they are two random words that embody who we are.  They identify us. They are us.  So anytime you meet someone with the same exact name as you, you wonder about their life and how both the name has served them and what reputation their name has garnered. 

Which is why Googling myself last night proved to be a fun experience!  Apparently, there are a few people with my name who have had success in the educational field (including one in Australia).  Good for them.  But I'm most proud to share my name with this fellow.   Make sure you read the bio on the side, it's pretty fantastic. 

Anyway, I want a cool nickname like LIL BUCK too. 

That's the thought of the day. 

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