Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What May 22nd Means To Me: Memes and Gifs

I love GIFs.  You know, these fun things...

And I know I've mentioned that I wish I could somehow incorporate these suggestive moving images into real life conversation.  After all, how fun would it be to use them to express a thought in a humorous way instead of, ya know, just saying it?  Oh, so clever I would be!

But, actually, sometimes I kind of do.

Not really in the traditional sense, but I know I will spew a line from a TV show or movie to indirectly express a thought, while simultaneously hoping my conversation partner understands the reference so we can share a lol.  So without further ado, here are the top 5 movie/TV quotes I'll use during casual conversation to express a thought...or be annoying

5) "Two Mendys"

That's Gold, Jerry! Gold.

Origin: Seinfeld.  Kenny Banya loves the fancy restaurant, Mendy's, and always suggests it as a place for Jerry to take him as part of a quid pro quo deal.  During one episode, while driving a hard bargain, Banya demands two dinners in exchange for an Armani suit (I think?) and simply says, "Two Mendys!"

How it's used:  Just like Banya, I'll say it when I want you to "sweeten the deal."  Generally delivered while looking at you sideways, knowing I'm upping the ante past the point you are comfortable with. 

Honorable mention:  I'll often say "I'm bustin', Jerry, I'm bustin" like Costanza if I'm happy about something.  Or if I'm being sarcastic about being "thrilled" with a situation.

4) "You Know A Guy."

Origin: Ocean's 11. Andy Garcia utters the line to George Clooney at the end of the movie, after Andy doubts that Clooney "knows a guy" who can help him find who robbed his vault.

How It's Used:  I'll annoyingly cut you off anytime you start a sentence with "I know a guy..." 

3) "Lelu Dallas Multi Pass"

Origin: The Fifth Element.  When Lelu needs to get on the plane, she requires her multi pass. And seems to love telling everyone about it. Nuff said.

How It's Used: Generally to be annoying.  I just love the line.  Though I suppose I'll say it when something is pretty obvious. 

2) "So It could be 'B', Ricky Ponting."

Origin: Slumdog Millionaire.  The gameshow host, Prem, tries to entice Jamal into providing the wrong answer.

How It's Used: When I know you're weighing a decision.  If you make a choice, and look to me with uncertainty, I might put on my crappiest accent and use the line.  It never helps. Except to further your frustration. 

1) "You're Killing Your Father, Larry."

Origin: The Big Lebowski.  When Walter and Dude are trying to extract information out of grade schooler Larry, Walter implies that his lack of cooperation is disappointing his near-dead father. 

How It's Used: My biggest pet peeve is when a person offers me information, yet immediately rescinds it.  "Ooooh, i have something to tell you....but I can't"  Fuck you, i hate this.  Anyway, since I can never let it go, I'll try to coax the person into telling me, and this debate always features the line.


  1. Love this. For me, I will say a lot of things are "sort of like the abortion issue". This could be a debate about anything.

    When someone says something was an accident, my mind auto fills it with "well, so was Chernobyl". (from quick change). Also from that movie is "you could have given us help, but you've given us so much more" for anytime when someone has been completely unhelpful.

    1. oh, im def. going to have to incorporate the "help" line. that one is beautiful.