Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What May 15-16th Mean To Me: Popcorn

I've been sitting at the computer for a half hour trying to think of something to write, and can think of nothing other than the popcorn I'm shoving in my maw.  I eat a lot of popcorn, and why shouldn't I?  It's a healthy light snack that isn't all that expensive.  It's not the tastiest thing in the world, but it's light, fun (!), and it occupies time while I watch TV.  Plus, I enjoy watching the kernels explode in the air popper. It's a bit of a thrill. Plus, it's rather efficient.  No wasted kernels!  Anyone who eats microwave popcorn is a sucker.  Yeah, I said it, all you kernel wasters. 

Sue me

Anyway, it got me thinking about how many popped popcorn kernels I eat in a year.  The suggested serving size for my airpopper is a half cup full of kernels, which, according to the Google, is about 800 kernels per serving.  That sounds about right.  Some weeks I eat it everyday, some just once or twice or not at all, but I think it's safe to split the difference and say I eat popcorn 3.5 times a week. 

800x3.5= 2,800 popcorn kernels a week. 

2,800x52=145,600 popcorn kernels a year.   I assume I did that math right?  I can never tell because I'm that bad at it.

I guess that seems like a lot, but I wonder what kind of receptacle would that fill?  A trash can?  Half a trash can?  A quarter of a ball pit at Chuck E Cheese?  I often wonder if it's bad to eat this much popcorn, like it'll lead to some sort of popcorn cancer.  What a thing to die from. 

Regardless, I'm sorry that you'll never get the 2 minutes it took you to read this back. 


  1. You know how people say that movie theaters make most of their money from concessions? Well, most of THAT money has to come from popcorn. I had a summer job at a theater many years ago, and I vaguely recall one of the guys there saying that a huge sack of kernels (that was so heavy I could barely carry it ... which I guess isn't saying much) cost them about $10. If that was true, their profit margin on popcorn must have been somewhere around eleventy billion percent.

    1. I actually remember reading an article about was like a 900-1000 percent mark up!