Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Corporation of America is One Shitty "Business"

I didn’t really want to give this subject much thought, but as time passes it appears Donald Trump, yes that “you’re fired” dickhead, is gaining relevance in the 2012 presidential election discussion.

But I don’t really want to discuss Trump the man (he’s a fool and isn’t worth serious discussion), but instead would like to comment on why people may consider him a viable candidate.  While listening to talk radio, and even during conversations with my peers, I’ve learned many are under the impression that America should be run like “a business” or that America is “a company.”  And these people are completely missing the entire point of government. 

First off, while corporate interests have great influence within the political community, the federal government is NOT a business.  If it was, it’d be one of the shittiest companies of all time, as it’s not all that amazing at creating profit.  But the purpose of government isn’t to make money and increase the bottom line, the purpose of government is to SERVE its citizens and help create an orderly environment in which everyone has the chance to live free, support one another, and create a stable environment in which society can thrive or, at least, be functional. 

If America was run like a business, then the first order of, well, business, would be to eliminate Medicare and Social Security.  After all, majority of the people taking advantage of these popular programs are retired and no longer are contributing to society in a way that would make a business thrive.  Imagine millions of workers in your office building just dicking around all day, yet still getting paid.  Better yet, might as well round up all these old people and put ‘em off on an ice floe to die so they’d stop eating our shrinking food supply and driving cars that increase our dependence on oil. 

If America were a business, we’d be a lot more imperialistic.  We’d attack Middle Eastern countries simply to control the flow of oil in the name of American profit (something Trump actually wants to do.)  After all, any CEO knows it helps to crush your competitors so the consumer must come to you to buy the product, therefore you can control the price of said product. 

But we don’t do these things because 1) we aren’t a bunch of assholes and have some semblance of compassion 2) the goal of a country isn’t world dominance like it’s a game of Risk. 

So enough of this America is a business nonsense.  It’s not.  It never will be.  It’s a country that should strive to give everyone of its citizens a foundation so one has a chance to achieve a comfortable life.  Our government, for better or worse, is there to protect our interests as a whole and the well being of our people.  Even if you hate government, this is currently its function.  

If America were simply a business, we’d all be on notice…because businesses don’t like anything that resembles extra fat. 

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