Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How Dumb Has Our Political Discourse Become?

In a word:  very.

The White House decided to finally appease Trump and his mentally disabled lemmings by releasing the long form of Obama's birth certificate in an effort to quell the drama otherwise known as the birther movement.  And, of course, Trump is now claiming he's "very proud" of himself for having such influence on the President's decisions, as if this was a real controversy to begin with.

But if the White House thinks the release will make this racist movement disappear, my guess is he's sadly mistaken.  Though I look forward to seeing how much money Trump spends to "analyze" the birth certificate in an effort to see how old it's nooks and crannys are. 

Speaking of birth certificates:  Is this hooplah going to change the culture of how we present identification?  I think it sends a dangerous precedent if people have to release decades old documents to prove they are citizens of this country in order to get something as simple as a blockbuster card (I know these will be useless soon, anyway, but you know what I mean).  After all, I wonder what percentage of American citizens even know where their original birth certificate is?  This is all such a frustrating, tremendous waste of time and I have yet to see even ONE compelling argument as to why any of this is relevant anyway. 

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