Monday, April 4, 2011

My All Time Favorite Pieces of American Propaganda

I look forward to our next Iranian conflict so we can bring the above back

One of my all time favorite arcade games.  Best part about it?  If you were controlling the Americans side, it featured a button that triggered a BOOOOOOOO noise to show the Soviet Red Army team who is boss.  If you played the USSR were shit out of luck. 
Nikolai Volkoff.  Thanks WWF for this "Russian" wrestling villain.  When I was seven or eight, I bought a set of "thumb wrestlers," one of which was the gentleman above.  The Iron Sheik gets an honorable mention here.

"If I can change...and you can change...WE ALL CAN CHANGE"  Truer words have never been spoken and while some thank Reagan for the end of the cold war, I thank Stallone.  Though because of Rocky 4, I spent much of my childhood assuming all Russians were blond/blue-eyed thanks to the casting of Dolph Lundgren (above) and Brigitte Nielsen.  Why did Stallone cast a couple of Swedes in the role?  I dunno, Swedes are good looking?

Nuff said.

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