Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tony Soprano: Novice?

You implyin' I dunno where to hide a body?

Funny quote from an article in today’s Times regarding New York’s Pelham Bay Park and its historical use as a body dumping ground for criminals, mob, etc…
“Even Tony Soprano knows — you go to the boondocks to get rid of the bodies,” said Walter Arnold, 65, a longtime resident of West Gilgo Beach on Long Island, more than a mile from where the police found a skull on Monday. “This is the boondocks.”
Well, no shit Tony Soprano would know that’s the best place to dump a body.  It’s Tony!  This is what he did for a living!  Now, the quote would have made more sense had it said “Even Snooki knows…” or “Even Rainbow Brite knows…” 
Next you’re gonna tell me you “could care less.” 

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