Monday, April 4, 2011

What's Annoying Me Today?

1)      Is it too much to ask retailers to denote which sunglasses are for men, which are for women, and which are unisexual?  Perhaps I’m an idiot, and when it comes to fashion I’m sure I am, but sunglasses shopping has now become an intimidating experience that has nothing to do with price. Seriously, I find myself cautiously reaching for any pair that might look good out of fear the salesperson will snicker at me for picking up ladies frames.  In fact, I was in Nordstroms this weekend and had to quickly vacate the sunglasses area because I started assuming all the sunglasses were intended for females even though there were some male looking mannequin heads.  But it’s not just me because, in my experience, the salesperson has sometimes even had to consider whether pairs were unisexual or not.  Why?  Because some of them just look identical. Obviously, some frames are clearly intended for female use, but for the rest of them, can I at least get a hint?  I’d really love to avoid a Costanza moment here. 
2)      Coors Light commercials have reached a new low in their attempt to equate the human male to a primal animal.  Have you seen this new commercial that features a dog jumping contest and the Coors Light loving dog?  The one where the guy in the audience is so intent on getting his Coors Light that he disrupts the contest by leaping from the stands to intercept the thrown bottle with his mouth?  Essentially equating him to the K-9?  Nice.  Excuse me while I go to my room to weep for humanity. 
3)      On Real Time this past week, Bill Maher touched on something that’s a pet peeve of mine:  If you post a status on Facebook, you’re not allowed to also “like” it.  This is the internet version of patting yourself on the back.  You wrote it, no shit you like it.   Did you type it, submit it, read it over again, and become so filled with self pride that you tell yourself: “you know what, I did a really good job with that comment.  As a reward, I’m gonna show the world I approve of myself.  There we go, now I feel better.”
4)      People who equate “bold” with “smart.”   I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point recently, people started valuing an opinion with misguided conviction more than a calculated/cautious approach.  I’m not sure when one person’s gamble became a better option than groupthink.
5)      I don’t really have a 5th at the moment.  A good day, I suppose!