Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More Republican BS: The Debt Ceiling!

The congressional bickering, in regards to the debt ceiling, has reached a fever pitch this week in what has to be one of the most bullshit pieces of political theater in some time.  We all know the debt ceiling will be raised, hell, the 14th amendment essentially supports America always paying its debts.  Corporate America, democrats, and even some republicans admit that defaulting on our debt would be catastrophic to the already fragile American economy.  Economists, like Paul Krugman, suggest that job creation should be our number one priority because interest rates remain low, essentially meaning that America’s short term debt is not nearly as big of a deal as unemployment.
So, why have Republicans held the country hostage with their unreasonable demands and a threat to not raise the debt ceiling?
Because they are assholes.   Assholes that could benefit from a poor economy during the 2012 election. 
Republicans claim there is a deal to be made.  As long as the deal provides them everything they want, and they are not above lying about public opinion in an effort to get it. Yesterday, That orange asshole, otherwise known as Speaker John Boehner, addressed the press and claimed the republicans would not support a deficit reduction plan that involved higher taxes on “job creators” (rich people) because the American people wouldn’t support it.  One, that’s blatantly false, as poll after poll has shown American support for these increases and, two, this is an example of how absurd the conservative rhetoric has become.  Their unwillingness to budge even has conservative columnist David Brooks at a loss, who cannot believe that Republicans wouldn’t accept this deal considering it involves spending cuts that will slash trillions off the deficit.   Even conservative hero Ronald Reagan sharply increased taxes in 1982 when the economy called for it.  Obama isn’t demanding a return to the 95 percent tax rate, he and the congressional democrats are just asking for the elimination of the Bush Tax Cuts that did nothing to create jobs in the first place.  Why not implement policy (or eliminate it in this case) that would bring in billions in revenue and not harm the upper one percent even a little?  Obviously it’s not a panacea for the deficit issue, but it certainly is a good, painless place to start.
Republicans will not hear of tax increases as part of the solution and instead support some nebulous “changing of the tax code.”  But, though the tax code is entirely too complicated, I sincerely doubt Republicans will suddenly demand big business start paying through the nose by closing loopholes, because , well, when has the modern conservative party ever asked Wall Street or big business to make any sacrifices period?  Their stubborn unwillingness to compromise shows that they really have no interest in the health of the American economy and American government. In fact, their economic theories seem to be based more on theology than reality.
But here’s the reality:  A bad economy is a good thing for the republicans.  It can only help their prospects in the 2012 election unless the democrats can somehow pin the blame on the republicans.  But since it’s well known most people blame the president for economic tough times, a poor economy definitely works in their favor.  And that’s all this is.  Just another power grab.  More political BS. 
And as for creating jobs without spending?  Well, perhaps we can find some fairy dust when fracking for natural gas. 

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