Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This sucks, though hardly shocking

I'm a huge fan of calorie listings on restaurant menus from both a health and policy standpoint.  Since it became law for chains to place their calorie content on the menus, I've been both scared off and appalled by the things I used to order (oh, CPK, how I miss your mediterranean spring roll!).  So, it has definitely been a useful tool when choosing my meal at restaurants.  Though, of course, it would be more helpful if the counts were, ya know, accurate.

Then again, I'm sure there are many who order meals based on higher calorie content because they feel like they are getting their money's worth (I mean, why gets something with only 400 calories when you can fill yourself up with 1600 calories for the same price.  What a deal, really).  So perhaps this is good news for those types. 

1 comment:

  1. i think these would be more useful if a) people knew the amount of calories they were supposed to eat in a day and b) calories were more important than actual nutrition. i.e. 400 cals of protein is different than 400 cals of fat.