Monday, October 17, 2011

What October 14th-17th Means To Me: World Peace And Boo

It's no secret that society is moving much faster than the human mind can comprehend.  With each passing day, the internet grows, technology soars, society gets infinitely smaller, and we are trying to solve modern problems with older logic.  This really isn't the fault of humans, we're just not capable of combating complex problems because we simply do not have the capacity to do so.

Though impossible, because the world's population will never get on the same page, it makes sense for the planet to exist under one government, one united economy, and one currency.  This makes sense to me considering we are constantly trading with each other and balancing currencies against one another, but obviously this kind of thought is incredibly difficult due to lack of trust, racism, fear, etc etc etc.  But is it impossible?  Well, nothing is impossible, but it would take a hell of a leader to pull this off.  With so many different cultures and personalities around the world, is there one being that EVERYONE could support and trust?  Obama?  People in our own country are completely divided. I dunno, who else, Sting? Eh, who would take that seriously.  But, thankfully, I do believe there is one possible choice for the role.


Yes, Boo.  The cute shaved Pomeranian that is not only a published author ...

...But also a world uniter.  To wit, check out the popularity and diversity on Boo's Facebook Page:

Well, unfortunately, I can't get that picture any bigger because I'm a computard, but a simple posted pic of Boo netted over 30,000 "likes,"  and over 2,000 shares and comments (his page is liked by over 2 million.)  And, if you can see, the comments flow in from all over the globe.  Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, English, European languages.  They all support Boo.

People easily forget what is important in life, and what our ultimate goals should be.  We tie up happiness in superficial things like money and even sometimes relationships.  But its important to remember that, although we live complex lives, the goal to life should be simple.  To Smile.  To Be happy.  That said, imagine Boo addressing the world, behind a desk, wearing a little suit?  Would he really need to say anything at all?  Can you imagine how many "likes" his speech would get?

Unsure of his leadership skills and want to see Boo debate?  While I'm sure an opponent can wax poetically about economic woes and a bright future, but when the question is tossed to Boo, and he answers it with a yawn, a roll over, and a nap...who wouldn't vote for him?  Even the moderator would probably "aww" and call him a sweet puppy.

I clearly have nothing to talk about today.  But well, we're headed towards the idiocracy anyway, might as well go there in style.

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