Monday, October 31, 2011

WHat October 29th-31st Mean To Me: Parking Tickets

No, I did not get one.  I was actually barely out all weekend due to a bad cold (seriously, after wishing for one during my Halloween post, it actually happened!  And this was hardly a "be careful what you wish for" kind of situation, I was not displeased).

But I did, however, witness a couple returning to their car only to find out that they had one.  I always find these situations humorous because their stupified reactions are always photo worthy.  The situation generally plays out as follows:

Couple returns to their car with the following facial reactions:

A parking ticket?  How could this be?  It's as if aliens landing on their front yard would be less surprising. 

Then they look to each other in complete befuddlement because, really, how on Earth could someone have given them a parking ticket?  Then, one of them (or both) studies the parking instructions sign and, of course, reads it aloud as if that should bring some sort of clarity.  And slowly I might add.  As if its a complex math equation.

Man:  No... Parking.... from... 6pm... to... 6am
Woman: No... Parking.... from... 6pm... to... 6am
Man:  What time is it?
Woman:  It's 6:30
Man: Well, Cripes.  Is that what it said two hours ago?
Woman: Well I'll be.
Man:  It's only been a half an hour!  They cut could us some slack.
Woman: (as if trying to decipher a secret code): No... Parking.... from... 6pm... to... 6am
Man: I guess we should just get it over with and kill ourselves. 

I suppose I find a person's entitlement humorous when it comes to traffic tickets or parking tickets.  Everyone always thinks they should be the exception, and that the world is out to get them because they were too lazy to read the instructions.  I just wonder what it says about us when our visceral reaction to such things is "I can't be wrong!  You're wrong!  And even if I am wrong, you should give me a pass this time...just because!"

It was a boring weekend, what can I say.  This was the one observation I had.  I could talk about the Broncos sucking, but then I'd just cry, and I really don't feel like it. 

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