Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What Oct 18th-25th Means To Me: Fall Television

Oh, blog, I've been neglecting you so much that when I type "blogspot" into my browser, you are no longer the first suggestion...but anyway...

We are full swing into the TV's fall season, and one of the last and most popular shows to premiere has been AMC's "Walking Dead."  Now, I love a good zombie movie/story, and I'm a big fan of well done post-apocalyptic entertainment.  But my main problem with Walking Dead is that I think it sucks.  Seriously, I've seen every episode and each one involves one goal:  running from zombies.  Seriously, every single episode features some huge scene where a horde of zombies attack, so they must shoot some and run from the others.  Then the next episode? Same thing. A huge scene where a horde of zombies attack, so they must shoot some and run from the others.  And just for good measure, the next episode involves...guess what? Some huge scene where a horde of zombies attack, and to mix it up...they run from them..into the WOODS!  Yet, here I am still watching it even though I don't even know one character's name.  Seriously, not one. 

Anyway, that's not the point of this post.  In many post-apocalyptic shows, there, of course, involves a love triangle between two men and the one woman who happened to survive. Is she hot?  Maybe? Does it matter? Probably not. She's just there. Anyway, Walking Dead features a less than interesting one where, of course, the male characters would love nothing more than to fight over the female in question by giving eachother long disapproving looks while scheming, yes SCHEMING, for her attention.  There might be zombies surrounding them, they might be within inches of death, but My God, all they want is the tender touch of a ladyfriend.  But, since we are in end times and, well, cleanliness isn't exactly priority one...
Might I suggest a shower? 
I'm just saying all that kissing, sexin', and whatever they are doing in those steamy tents, absent any form of shower, sounds like a tornado of nasty odor that would probably kill any romantic moment.  Perhaps during end times you are so hard up that you don't care about awful smells and dirt on your private parts, but I'd personally think that putrid breath and gross pits would probably affect the mood.  I'll buy that animalistic sex might trump these concerns, but tender kisses?  Hmm..  But writers and showrunners don't need to let this opportunity go to waste, and they could mix up their banal plot lines with some stories that revolve around product placement.

Just Sayin...

Most LOST fans remember and cherish the moment  Kate and Sawyer banged in the bear cage during, I dunno, what was it, Season Four?  It was hot, overdue, and memorable. I'm sure many couldn't wait till they could talk about the moment with their friends, and I have no doubt that all of Team Sawyer laughed and gave Team Jack a big Fuck You after it occurred.  It was a huge moment in the series.  But my first reaction was ...

Baby, you stink

I can't be the ONLY one who thinks this.  In fact, I know I'm not because a co-worker complained to me yesterday about how she can't stand how movie characters gladly roll over from a long night's sleep and immediately shove their tongue down their mate's throat. I agree, after I wake up next to someone, its not my goal to put my mouth directly next to their nose.  It's generally to jump out of bed, brush my teeth, so I'm not embarrassed by anything emanating from my mouth. 

But, regardless, I probably should just enjoy shows without worrying too much about the characters' hygiene. 


  1. It's not just you, it grosses me out too. French movies are the worst. They wake up, look crusty, light a cigarette and then tongue each other down.


    "A tornado of nasty odor..." Nice, B. hehe.

  2. ahhh, i knew someone would correct me. thanks

  3. i think if you are living in the jungle for months on end you get desensitized to BO. There is scientific evidence about this but I am too lazy to look it up.

    I hate dating people who have to shower or brush their teeth before interacting. if you were good enough 5 hours ago and all you've done is sleep in the meantime, yer good enough now.