Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What September 13th Means To Me: The Day The Delivery Died

Mika Sushi Delivery, who effectively delivered the 3-item Bento Box with brown rice to Brett nearly every Sunday, died this week. It was 6 years old.

The cause was a change in delivery policy, the new guy who answered the phone, Rick, said in a statement.
Mika Sushi, located near the Beverly Center, was a relatively unknown restaurant, mostly due to its uninspiring fare and fast-food, take- out atmosphere.   But six years ago, in search of decent delivery for good value, Brett took a chance on the small restaurant that he once referred to as “the shitty Japanese place near the Beverly Center.”
“You know, it started out on a whim,” Brett said in a statement from his home.  “I just wanted a nice companion for Sunday night television.  The relationship was surprising, exhilarating and just…perfect from go.”
Mika Sushi employed a 3 mile radius delivery policy over the course of the past six years and had acknowledged Brett’s status as a repeat customer and a VIP.  It was an elite status that earned him the right to forgo the process of producing his credit card at the door for an imprint, and instead just signing the bill.   
The two knew each other well, so well that just the sound of Brett’s voice immediately registered with the staff, and his overly complicated order would be implemented in seconds. 
“It was like Montana to Rice, no pun intended, on the phone,” Brett said.  “I’d place the order, they’d deliver it, I’d eat.  Poetry in motion, really.”
With the return of Sunday Night Football and his favorite Sunday show, “The Amazing Race,” Brett will have to make due with his new circumstances, though he expects a grieving period that will include impotently staring at a bunch of menus for restaurants he doesn’t want to order from, while looking around like a lost puppy.
Mika Sushi Delivery to Brett is survived by another local place, Sushi Ajito, which attempted to replicate Brett’ s meal.
 “It was OK,” Brett said.  “The tempura was good, but the whole thing was 15 dollars more.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get off my ass and drive the 3 miles to Mika next Sunday.”


  1. Where did you get a baby picture of Tony?

  2. Maybe Rock n' Roll sushi delivers?

  3. oh this happened to me with oh sushi and then diva sushi. i hear you man.