Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What September 20th Means To Me: I can't win

Last week:  Fairly intense pressure on the left side of my head/ear.  Didn't feel like going to the doctor.  Per usual, convinced I'll die, thinks that sounds like a shitty way to die.
Yesterday: Doctors says it's allergies, prescribes Flonase, probably won't die.
Last night: Flonase actually seems to work, pressure subsiding.  I guess I can skip funeral arrangements and can reinstate the plan for the next few years of my life. 
5 AM: Dizzy as fuck
5:03 AM:  Oh, is peeing an adventure.
7 AM: Dizzy as fuck
7:01 AM: Sees Flonase's main side effect is Dizziness.
7:02 AM: Decide to skip the morning Flonase considering being dizzy is no fun and I somehow have to function at work. 
7:55 AM: Somehow arrived at work without hitting anyone on the road.
8:05 AM: Accidentally walked into a wall.
8:10 AM Accidentally walked into a wall a little harder.
9:30 AM:  Hey, I'm actually somewhat comfortable!
11:00 AM: Dizziness subsides.
12:00 PM: The pressure has returned.
12:01 PM: Brett realizes he can't win. 
12:02 PM: But Brett is thankful it's not a tumor
12:03 PM: Brett remembers all he did was go to urgent care, perhaps it is a tumor after all
12:05 PM:  Brett thinks its probably not a tumor
12:10 PM: Maybe it's a tumor. 

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