Thursday, November 3, 2011

What November 3rd Means To Me: My Height

Here was an IM conversation between my friend and I from yesterday.  And this is typical:

Friend: 55
Me: What?
Friend: Oh, sorry, wrong IM
Me: Oh, I figured you were saying you were 55 lbs more than me.  Oh wait, that's way too low.
Friend: No, I've just had sex 55 more times than you.  Oh wait, that's way too low.
Me: haha ass
Friend: haha dickhead

Perhaps I'm just looking for an excuse to post our daily conversations, but for whatever reason, the above got me thinking about being taller, even though said friend is actually about three inches shorter than I am, rendering any comparative study between his getting laid and being tall completely moot.  But I've long wondered how my life would be different if I were 6'3.

That's right, me and Skee-lo have the same wish.  To be taller.  But I really don't want to make this post into an all out whine-fest about being short and, instead, want to pose a question regarding personal appearance and how others perceive you. 

A friend and I were having lunch the other day and she was complaining about how none of the men in her life are tall, and that she doesn't feel "protected" around them, as if we lived in a world where we are constantly in danger of attack.  But her sentiments are shared by many, as I often hear women claim they would like to date a taller guy, and if the girl happens to be tall, the thought of dating a shorter guy is often out of the question. And, of course, this thought reaches beyond the dating world, as many executives believe that being taller actually commands respect.  And, let's face it, it does.  I've lived in this world long enough to see that taller people are often treated as if they are more powerful simply because of their physical stature.  In fact, I'm sure I do it on a sub-conscious level too.  Actually, I know I do, and I'm short!

Whether justified or not, I do often believe I'm taken less seriously because of my height (5'8) and general smaller stature (I'm only 140 lbs, even though my body is similar to that of a super lightweight boxer).  I don't have any real evidence that suggests my stature hinders me when being considered by others, but I do get the feeling that I'm dismissed as "unprotective" or "non-sexual" because I don't have that traditional appearance that suggests power and authority.  I feel like I often have to talk my way into commanding respect instead of just getting it, hoping I can find other attributes to win over a person's affections (though this rarely works either, I must say...though this can probably be chalked up to my general indecisivness, lack of self-esteem, and fear of pissing people off.  Oh, pobrecito!  Things to work on!)

Though I cannot help my height and have no first hand experience to see if height would improve my career and dating record, I have noticed that I've been treated differently since I've gotten tattoos that show and buzzed my hair off.  I don't know what image it gives off (though one of my old bosses recently told me, on a day I forgot to shave, that I looked like I just stepped out of prison), but people do not try to verbally push me around as much as they used to. And, also, people who do not know me often engage in a more slang-y type of conversation that could be perceived as "street" or something that would suggest "youthfulness."  It's actually been an interesting sociological experiment, perhaps people assume I'm "tougher" because of the age old stereotypes that come along with tattoos and buzzed hair.  I have them all fooled.

So, honestly, how do others perceive taller people? Is it something you notice? Or perhaps I'm just looking for excuses as to why I never date anymore? :)  And, of course, my life could also be worse if I suddenly was 6'3 (beyond the fact I wouldn't have a wardrobe that fits), I just tend to doubt it.  I actually wish I spent more time thinking about this subject, and perhaps I'll write about it more another day.  But, until then, I'll just continue to wish that I was taller. 


  1. I think it's less about height and feeling safe than it is about feeling SMALL

    Girls want a guy that makes them feel thin and delicate

  2. Its a strange dilemma. I often think would I give up my height for a monster D, as that would lead to furthering the pleasure I can can give to woman (on average) and probably effect my financial standings in a more positive way (Divorced Cougars, porn, etc.) But then I think, stay tall, turn the lights off and just try and budget better. This point is best illustrated by this clip

  3. Staying tall would at least give you more opportunity to use your diminutive d? Then again, if you are already in that position, you have won.

  4. I 100% do not EVER notice. I've dated guys who were 5'8" and guys who were 6'4". I've been interested in shorter guys but it didn't work out, partially because they were so obsessed with how unattractive they were by being a short person. All the men in my family are over 6" if that's any sort of measure people care about. I am average (5'6") height. This week I noticed someone I work with for over a year is shorter than me.

    I have maybe two or three lady friends who are obsessed with height, and I posit they are obsessed because either 1. they are very tall for women and have been mocked/self-conscious about it for years or 2. they have a super big complex about (like you said) dudes being "protectors" and seeming tiny, That creeps my shit out and my experience is those gals are super submissive. The girls who are tall have come out and said that's why they look for taller guys.

    I can't say for sure, but I assume it's like boobs for dudes. All girls are obsessed with the idea that guys ONLY want big boobs above all else, when in fact it's really only like 20% of dudes who are obsessed with it, and the rest either don't care about the size or might prefer larger but it's not a dealbreaker. I guess it also depends what sort of girl you are looking for--if you're looking for self-esteem cases who feel bad about their weight and are sexually submissive then yes I am pretty sure height is going to be an issue (sorry previous posters).