Monday, November 7, 2011

What November 4th-7th Means To Me: 10 Random Thoughts

Don't really have a ton to talk about since there isn't a whole lot going on...but some random thoughts from the weekend:

1) A Hat Really Makes A Difference. 

It was cold in LA this weekend.  Yep, at night it was like 50.  That's not cold?  To me, it's cold, so bite me.  Anyway, I channeled my inner George Costanza and wore a fairly sizable and insulated beanie.  And what a world of difference this made.  I actually stood outside at a birthday party on Saturday night and felt quite comfortable.  Well, eventually my feet started to go a tad numb, but baby steps.  Beanies > complaining.

2) Is That Jonah Hill or Just Someone Who Looks Like Jonah Hill? 

There's a commercial for Call Of Duty that features, what appears to be, a thin Jonah Hill.  Is this him or just someone who looks an awful lot like him?  I was sitting there on Sunday trying to decipher if I recongized his voice or not.  Then I just decided not to care, but apparently, suddenly I care again.  He's one of those actors that, to me, is much funnier fat.  In fact, it's disorienting watching him thin.  I need to see his 5th chin wobble while he delivers his lines for me to laugh. 

3) I actually got a snail mail letter this weekend...and it was a jigsaw puzzle. 

Literally.  I've never received one of these before, so I don't know if it's common or popular, but since I'm dense, it took me way too long to put together the puzzle which was the size of a postcard.  Now, the person who sent it loves to give me a hard time and I can imagine her laughing as she put the pieces into the envelope, but I must say I loved it.  It felt like a challenge, like I had to work for the correspondence.  If I ever send a snail mail personal letter again, I think I'll make it a jigsaw puzzle as well.  Perhaps a 5000 piece one though.  A nice bright spot to an otherwise dull Saturday.  ThanksK!

4) A Broncos Victory

It's amazing how elevated my mood gets when the Broncos win.  Thank you Tim, Willis, Eddie, Von, Champ and the others.  We can smile for another Sunday.  Joshie, if you're reading this, the thought of you being pissed off made it even more enjoyable for me.  It's been too long since we beat the Raiders.

5) How To Make It In America

HBO's "new Entourage" is now in it's second season and has officially reached "shows I could watch for 52 straight weeks, never get too emotionally invested in, but I enjoy it anyway, I suppose" status.  For those who don't know, it's about two 20-somethings who are on the verge of success in the fashion industry.  It does for New York what Entourage did for LA:  in case you forgot it has a sexy side, the show reintroduces you to it.  There's nothing all that special about it, but it makes me miss New York.  I suppose, in this respect, its a male Sex And The City. 

6) How Much Popcorn Can Brett Eat In A Weekend?


7) I've now graduated to the Venti.

For years, I only ordered the tall.  Then, for a couple of years, I started ordering the grande.  Now, 8 times out of ten, I'm drinking the Venti.  I'm not sure where it goes from here.  Perhaps I'll just start bringing a bucket and ask them to charge me based on the weight.  I don't love the taste of coffee, but I find it to be one of the more comforting things in life.  It's my Linus blanket.  I wish I could drink it all day long. 

8)  I Must Always Look Like A Slob

I'm not sure why people always look surprised if I wear a sport coat, but it usually garners a "wow, Brett, you look dressed up!" comment even though I'm still wearing jeans.  I often wear t-shirts, but do wear a number of button downs, but they are probably wrinkled more often than not.  Either way, I take the compliments as backhanded.  But I can deal with dressing messy, I hope I just don't smell. 

9) I Think My Apartment Is Finally Clean After A Nordic Tornado Passed Through.

But whoever told me hardwood was difficult to keep clean was completely right.  Staying on top of the dust has been a chore and, everytime I think the floor is clean, I realize it's not.  But I suppose it's good enough for now and, I'm too tired to really care or stay on it 100 percent of the time.

10)  You guys buy my book yet? 

You should!  Reviews have been good, the public seems to be enjoying it, it's selling in bookstores now, and I'm just hoping it keeps growing.  Here's an amazon link though you can buy it at any online retailer.  Please support!  woo!

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