Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What January 14th-17th Means To Me: Weekend Thoughts!

Ugh.  Double Ugh.  Triple Ugh.  Quadruple Ugh.  Fipple Ugh.  (What is the word to denote 5 times?  Let's just go with Fipple). 

Vegas:  Every year around this time, my buddies and I travel to Vegas to become degenerate gamblers (and, let's face it, degenerates in general) while getting a nice glimpse of our possible, respective futures.  I don't want to tell anyone how to live their life, and I really don't want to pass judgment on others because happiness is a relative thing, but if I ever become the overweight dude in a huge orange tent whose hopes and dreams rely on the fate of several horse races...well, kill me.  Hey, if you want to fake a disability just so you can use a wheelchair to get a better spot in the sports book, by all means do it, but at least stick to your ruse.  The fact that you kept jumping out of it while rooting on your horse (who never once won) not only makes you look like an asshole, but also shows your inability to complete a scheme.  Anyway, on a personal note, I lost pretty much every single bet I made, and it wasn't even close.  You know how some parents will make their kids smoke 80 cigarettes in a row if they catch them smoking just one, in an effort to gross them out and say, "Daddy, you right, smoking bad <cough cough>" That's how I feel about gambling at the moment.  Losing 11 hands of blackjack in a row will do that to you. 

Broncos Loss:  I didn't expect to win that game, but showing up would have been nice. 

Golden Globes:  Rich people having a televised dinner where they pat each other on the back while having the following conversation:

Yeah yeah, if this sounds familiar, it's because I already discussed it here.   Hollywood's reaction to my thoughts?

Well, at least we got that settled.

Great First Date:  Unfortunately, not mine.  I was enjoying dinner at a cafe I frequent next to two people who were clearly on a first date.  These sorts of things are easy to tell, especially when the conversation revolves around how many brothers and sisters they have and whether or not they have a dog.  They barely made eye contact with each other, and the girl kept tapping her nails on the side of her tea cup in a manner that suggested...

But after 20 minutes of boring conversation...she mentioned The Legend Of Zelda...and suddenly...

A connection was made. Smiles replaced frowns, awkwardness took a day off, angels grew wings, fairies danced, and the air was full of woo.  It was actually nice to witness because that moment of excitement is exciting and rare.  In an instant, the guy went from planning his escape to planning the rest of his life with this girl.  Obviously a hyperbole, but his body language changed completely and his voice exuded thrill, as did hers. No sads were has'd in that cafe.  I left soon after the discussion turned to their favorite Nintendo 64 game, but I'm fairly certain the evening concluded with the sex.  And probably a post-coital round of Wii.  It was nice to see some positivity at the end of a fail weekend, even if it wasn't my own. 

Fuck it all....at least I'm going to Islands today.

And, really, what's better than that?

On to another week....Happy Tuesday everyone.

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