Monday, January 9, 2012

What January 7th-9th Means To Me: Weekend Thoughts

Ever have one of those weekends where you just don't remember what you did?  Not because you were drunk, but because your memory sucks it was mostly mundane?

Welcome to my weekend!  I'm not complaining though, my next few will be quite busy.

Anyway, here's some random thoughts:

1) Denver Broncos Victory

 Epic game that saved an otherwise boring wildcard weekend.  Fantastic team win for the Broncos, but lets face it, no one wants to talk about the Broncos, they just want to talk about Tebow.  So, lets do that.  When Tebow throws like he did last night, he's incredibly difficult to stop because you have to account for his running (and the Broncos read option).  The blueprint to stop him over the past couple weeks was to play a press man cover-1 (or cover zero), thinking he was unable to beat the man coverage with his throws.  He proved them all wrong yesterday, and it's back to the drawing board for defensive coordinators.  I don't think the Broncos will win against New England next week, but I do think they have a punchers chance (played them well a few weeks ago until the Broncos pissed away the game with careless fumbles).

Also, many questioned whether the Broncos should move forward with Tim as their starting quarterback.  He did prove he's capable of sublime games last night, so now it's an issue of consistency, which is only born from experience and repetition.  He's earned the right to be the Broncos unquestionable starter next year, and I'm excited to see what he can do with a full off-season.  I'm not claiming he'll be the next great thing, but let's remember the conversation about Tebow started with, "can he win games in the NFL?"  He just beat the best pass D in the NFL, in a playoff game, amidst rumors that he'd be benched.  Pretty impressive stuff. 

2)  So, What Do You Do? 

There's a cafe in my neighborhood that I frequent enough for the lady behind the counter to immediately ring up my order before I say a word (which is common for me, as I've mentioned in other posts).  She never really engages me in conversation, but she did this weekend.  While waiting for the credit card payment to process, she asked me "So, what do you do?"  I said, "excuse me," to which she responded, "you come in here a lot, so I wondered what you did for a living."

Um, OK.  I can see how that's relevant.   Only in LA.

3)  I discovered the Rabbi at my old temple (where I was Bar Mitzvah'd) was fired years ago because...of a foot fetish issue!

This really needs no comment.  It speaks for itself.  Thankfully, I was an asshole in Hebrew School, never gave more than half a shit, so I certainly never participated in extra curricular activities that would have put me in one-on-one situations with him. Plus, I don't like my feet touched. 

See Mom and Dad?  There's another good reason why sending me to Hebrew school was dumb. 

4)  Thank you, Mr. Barista, for putting peppermint flavoring in my caramel latte.

Great ideas often come from mistakes:)  No sarcasm, I actually enjoyed it quite a bit.  Methinks I'll get it again.

5) To the asshole in the huge SUV who yelled at me for walking "too slow" through the intersection...while I had the walk signal.

That's all!  Have a good Monday.

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