Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What January 24th Means To Me: More Blogging...and more awards hate :(

I love having the opportunity to guest post on other blogs, and here's another for the great travel site worldwinder.com   Its about my love affair with the airport...and how I hate everyone who hates it.  Well, not really...well, sorta.  Anyway!


Also, the 2012 Oscar nominations came out this morning, and I ... just...can't...help...myself.

On NPR, some correspondent discussed the "best actress" category, and more importantly, who she thinks will win.  And Brett gripped the steering wheel of the car extra hard in an effort to vent frustration.  She mentioned that The Help's Viola Davis should be the frontrunner (as if this was a 100-meter dash and her qualifying time was the lowest), but then said you can "never count out Meryl Streep.  She's a veteran of the Oscars."

Is it time for a Bert Stare?   OH, YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT'S TIME FOR A BERT STARE.  So...

There's your Bert Stare!


THE ACADEMY AWARDS IS NOT A SPORTING EVENT, HELL, IT'S NOT EVEN AN ACT-OFF.  What they are being "judged" on ... is DONE! It happened MONTHS ago! And it's all subjective and political anyway!  Why do people make it sound like Meryl Streep is Brett Favre and can use her "experience" to win the big game?  Does Meryl Streep have the ability to turn back time and alter her performance?  What does being a veteran of the Oscars have to do with anything?  I just can't believe we have serious conversations like this....then I remember what society I live in.

OK, rant over.  Fin.   Enjoy the day!

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