Thursday, July 19, 2012

What July 19th Means To Me: Smugglin'

I love gettin' one over on the man.  Even if it's a teeny victory. 

I always figured Smart Cars could fit inside Kinder Eggs.
While I knew Kinder Eggs were banned in the United States, I didn't know border patrol cared this much.  For those who never heard, Kinder Eggs are small chocolate treats with smaller toys inside them, which the American government finds to be a choking hazard.  Well, you know, some ballers smuggle drugs, but this guy has successfully sneaked one pack of Kinder Eggs through customs, and the contraband sits proudly on top of my bookcase next to an AC Slater doll that is wearing an oddly, rainbow-striped shirt.  Hmmm, I think I just lost my baller status. 

Also, do you know why Vegemite is illegal in the United States (other than it tasting terrible?)  Apparently it's a folate, and those can only exist in American cereals.  Since Vegemite is a spread, it doesn't meet the proper requirements.  I wonder if they'd confiscate that at the border too.  Seems like a silly law, but then again, we still have laws on the books that suggest you're not allowed to carry ice cream cones in your pocket.  A poor idea to begin with, but also illegal.

Consider yourself learned.   

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