Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What July 3rd Means To Me: Well, July 4th

I feel compelled to write something about July 4th, though it's the one holiday in which I really have zero opinion.  But each year I seem to gravitate towards an event with the best view of a fireworks display like a puppy waiting for a treat, and each year I watch it with general indifference and think "well, OK, that happened," upon their conclusion.  Then I go home, wake up the next day, and life goes on.  And in the case of this year, I actually have work on July 5th anyway. 

But, seriously, is there anything more anticlimactic than a fireworks display?  In our minds it's always gonna be this:

Or This:

Yes, I actually expect  Big Ben to magically appear in the middle of Los Angeles.  Now that would be an epic fireworks display.  But more often than not, it ends up like this:

I guess I just sound like a huge hater right now, the more I think on it.  But, yeah, fireworks.  It just seems like something we look forward to to cap the night and the anticipation of them is always ten times more exciting than the actual event.  Like half the times I've had sex. 

And thats the sum total of my July 4th holiday thoughts. 

Have a good one everyone...try not to do this:

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