Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Top Five Election Day Thoughts!

Just a quick five thoughts on this Election Day.

5) This Election Is Important

Yeah, yeah, I know it's en vogue to say "Well, both parties are awful, they are the same, blah blah, I'm lazy and wanna stay home with my thumb up my butt."

This may be true to a point, but the future of healthcare and the Supreme Court will be directly affected by this election.  One guy wants to continue to implement a new healthcare plan that will change the course of America, and the other guy wants to get rid of it.  Pending on which side of the fence you're on, you might care who is in office because this will directly affect your future.  Yes, government is broken and all that, but these are two candidates with much different viewpoints. 

4) I'm Glad I Got To The Polls Early.

When I arrived, I was fourth in line.  And just as I said to the person in front of me, "Whats with the shit turnout this year," I turned around to see...

Not exactly that, well actually...kinda.  Once the mob settled, there was a fight over line placement. Yeah, a fight.  Screaming and yelling.  I don't understand why it mattered, voting doesn't take very long, it's not like we're in line for free blowjobs and the people providing the goods are getting tired.  Why do we always have to be such assholes to eachother?   America, ladies and gentlemen!

On another note, two people in line had 7-11 coffee cups with Obama's name on it. Apparently, when you buy coffee at 7-11 today, you can show your pride by drinking coffee out of your candidate of choice.  For something that's supposed to be a somewhat private selection, I was kind of surprised by this.  Plus, in LA, I can't imagine I'll see too many Ward Cleaver  Romney cups. 

3) Election Day Should Be A Holiday

Want to get people to vote?  Make it a fucking event.  Americans are lazy, and don't have much sense of civic duty.  But you know what they love? Days off and free donuts.  They like sales.  So make Election Day a holiday, give the people a free donut with every ballot, and, with proof of your vote, you can get 3-5 percent off some bullshit purchase at any store.  Then, lets have election results parties with more donuts.  I don't know the answer exactly, but people love to feel a part of something bigger than them.  So, lets give them that.

2) Did you know that if you DON'T vote in Australia, you get FINED?

Yes, FINED! Can you imagine if this law were suddenly implemented in America?  Egads, oh how the moronic would riot instead of just, ya know, voting.  Then again, when I see the reasons why some people vote for the candidate they do,I have to shake my head.  It's amazing how we just accept the misinformation out there.  Then again, maybe I shouldn't judge others considering I didn't realize I was wearing my t-shirt inside out until I got to work, which was a couple of hours after I originally put it on. 

1) I love Election Day

Once every 2 years (4 really, lots of people dont give a shit about the midterms), we actually get to stand in line and feel like we have a loud voice among 300 million people.  And not in the unimportant form of a Facebook status update or tweet.  And, yes, your vote does matter.  Even if your presidential vote gets swallowed by sheer numbers (and, with the electoral college, it's easy to think your vote doesn't really count), you're still voting for state representatives and senators.  And by doing so, you're giving local people a real voice, not only in your community, not only in the country, but on the world stage.  It's these people  who often become presidents, speakers of the house, senate majority leaders, and what not...So take your localized elections (whether federal or state) seriously, because if you don't...we end up with people like...

...in our government. And that's just not good for anyone.

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