Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What December 22nd-28th Means To Me: Silence and New Year's Plans

I love the week between Christmas and New Years because America seems to go to sleep (as have my blogging habits).  But seriously, is there another week of the year that we as a society collectively punt?  Sure, some people work, but they usually do it half assed, there's nothing on TV, all the good movies have already been released, and most spend much of their day talking about the upcoming year and what they are doing for New Years.   Because I'm pretty nostalgic, it's nice reading all the retrospectives, look backs, and see what the past year has actually brought in the world of news and entertainment.  There's something nice about shoving it into a neat cubbyhole for posterity.  Magazines and newspapers speak about this week's issues with finality like, "THE LAST ISSUE OF THE YEAR," as if they won't start up again a week later.  I'm not sure why we view the end of the year this way, but I'm glad we do.

Anyway, as for this New Years, I'm actually strongly considering doing this ...

He sure looks happy

For some reason, my apathy for New Years Eve has reached a fever pitch, and I don't feel motivated to 1) make plans or 2) pay a hundred dollar cover just to kill time till I can go home. 

I used to really enjoy New Years, but now it seems like a competition to have the "greatest night eva" and it rarely ever materializes as such.   Either way, I'm all for breaking monotony, and, if nothing else, it provides that. 

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  1. Might I recommend an egg salad sandwich to kick off the night?