Friday, December 30, 2011

What December 30th-31st Means To Me: Looking Back And Forward

You know how this is done. 

I wanted to write this post without thinking about it.  I feel it'll be more honest if I do a quick look back on the year without having had time to spend weighing pros and cons and creating pointless competitions.  Because of this, it might not be accurate as, if I wrote this post tomorrow, some of the answers might be different...anyway!

Favorite Song Of The Year - "Midnight City" - M83

You know those songs that make you think, "I hope my iPod shuffles to this while someone else is in the car?"  Or a song that helps you completely lose yourself in thought while inexplicably making the world around you seem sexier?  Seriously, turn it on at night and drive through LA or NYC with it playing loudly.  I bet you'll feel like a character in a movie that just left a precarious situation and now has some thinking to do, and by the end of the song, will decide on an act that will both be bold and life-changing, but probably stupid.  Then try to keep that feeling when you realize all you're doing is going to Subway for a sandwich. 
Runner Up: Set Fire To The Rain - Adele -- As one of my co-workers can attest to, I was never the biggest Adele fan, and was throughouly annoyed by "Chasing Pavements," which I thought was "Chasing Penguins" the first 60 times I heard it.  Anyway, "Set Fire To The Rain" is awesome and poweful.  The kind of song that makes you hurt a little. 

Favorite New TV Show:  Game Of Thrones (HBO)

I never expected to like this show in a million years, but five weeks in I was cursing the fucking Lannisters (except for Tyrion, of course), crying for Eddard, and giving the TiVo the night off because I knew I'd be watching it on schedule.  I'm not one that usually enjoys fantasy or anything that resembles a period piece, but Game Of Thrones, with its rich characters and compelling (if unoriginal) storyline, made me wonder and cringe every single week.  Also, thank you for bringing us the sexiest new girl on TV. 

Oh, let us raise some dragons together
Can't wait for Season 2. 

Favorite Episode of the Year: Last Ep. of Friday Night Lights

I will miss you.

Favorite Movie:  Honestly, none really stand out, but I did enjoy The Descendants, The Artist, Win/Win (that was this year, right?), Dragon Tattoo (I'm sorry the American one kicks the Swedish ones ass...though it also had about ten times the budget...and it certainly showed), and ummmm I can't even think what else.  Regardless, going to the movies is still one of my favorite things in the world to do.

Favorite Book: I hear My Sweet Saga was pretty good.  You guys should all check it out :) 

Favorite Sports Moment: Any of Tim Tebow's comeback's.  My friend Travis said it best:  "When he plays, I go from laying down on the couch, to sitting up on the couch." 

Favorite Personal Moment: Standing in the big square in Malmo, Sweden at 10 am during Midsommar.  There wasn't a peep or a soul around except me and some guy selling Dianetics books.  Felt like I was in 28 Days Later...without the zombies of course.  There was something cool about the emptiness of a city, even a smaller one.

Favorite Snack: Emerald's Breakfast Blend Trail Mix.   I've pretty much eaten this every single day. 

Wow, I must have had a boring year if this is all that's coming to about some 2012 predictions!

1) The Denver Broncos will not make the playoffs, and Tim Tebow will not be the Broncos starting QB next season
2) Barack Obama will beat Mitt Romney (with Marco Rubio as VP) in the general election, but it'll be damn close because of the Spanish vote. 
3) The Hunger Games movie will do for The Hunger Games books what the Twilight Movie did the for the Twilight books...and then some because the Hunger Games movie (story) will also appeal to males.
4) The Miami Heat will win the NBA Championship.
5) The Dark Knight will be the highest grossing film of the year, and I still won't give a shit.
6) The 2012 Olympics will produce a new national hero, and none of us have heard of HER yet. Probably a gymnast.
7) By the end of 2012, no one will give a shit about Kim Kardashian...or her sisters. One will be in jail.
8) There will be an American tragedy, not quite like 9/11, but something that will resonate almost as strong. 
9) The world will not end.
10) Mayweather and Pacquiao will not fight
11) Daniel Day Lewis will win the Oscar for Speilberg's Lincoln
12) I'm gonna complain...a lot

That's all I've got.  Have a happy new year, see you in 2012


  1. Happy New Year! And "Midnight City" is indeed an awesome song! :D

  2. You too! about 8-9 hours before me :)

  3. This is such a great post. it resonates on so many levels. really enjoyed reading! Thank you