Thursday, December 29, 2011

What December 29th Means To Me: Happy Birthday!

I always feel a little bad for people who have birthdays this time of year because they often get overshadowed by Christmas and New Years.  Less fanfare, less presents, more suck!

On that note, I'd like to say happy birthday to my dear friend K, who I affectionately refer to as ML!  She and I actually went on a few dates a thousand years ago before she abruptly called it off and subsequently dodged a bullet  now rues the day!

But, thankfully, we never lost contact and now pretty much speak on a daily basis..though our conversations are generally variations of the below.

B: ML!
K: Peanut!
B: Are you excited for your date tonight?
K: Not really, its not really a good match
B: Have you never heard of self-fulfilling prophecies?
K: Shut up, you're starting to annoy me.  You always make such a spectacle of my life.
B: Whatever.
<couple of seconds pass>
B: Are we in a tiff?  This epic silence is killing me
K: Oh peanut, lets never fight again.


Have a happy birthday, ML! 

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